We combine legal, human resources and business expertise, we are uniquely qualified to provide services to support organizations undergoing major strategic events. These events, often highly complex, require an understanding of the nature of the business transaction, the legal environment affecting people issues, and the human resources implications. Employment Practices Advisors is one of the few firms that has the experience to guide organizations utilizing this three-pronged approach.


We provide our services directly to organizations, on behalf of law firms, or at the request of other providers. These include:


Mergers and Acquisitions - Our services include due diligence, integration services, employee communication, consolidation of operating units and evaluation of the candidate company.


Bankruptcy Reorganization - We recognize that filing for bankruptcy protection is a very stressful time period for an organization. We provide services such as employee communication and retention programs, implementation of cost-reduction measures, and assistance in helping to get the organization back on track after its emergence from bankruptcy. In the event the organization ceases operations, we are available to assist in the completion of employee matters on behalf of the trustee.


Corporate Turnaround - Underperforming companies have particular needs. Our experience in this area allows us to provide services in the areas of performance management, development of human resources systems and the introduction of performance metrics to track results.


Divestitures - When an organization decides to transition part of its business operations to another organization, it needs to consider the people issues associated with this business transaction. We help to transition employees and assist in reorganizing the remaining organization to support its new business model.


Plant Closings - Changes in an organization's business model often result in the closing of a facility and consolidation of operating units. We are available to assist from start to finish to promote the smoothest transition possible.


Joint Ventures - When organizations decide to work together on business projects, the people implications can derail or slow down progress. Our involvement will help to ensure that roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and measurable so that the transition can proceed as planned.


We assist both small and large organizations in these endeavors either by serving in an interim role, supporting an existing human resources function, or at the request of a law firm or other service provider.



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